Volleyball Performance Academy

Covid-19 Here’s our plan!

We have been through a lot in the past few months and we appreciate your support and understanding as we navigate these difficult times! We also want to thank you for keeping your families safe so we can hit the ground running as soon as possible. Once we get a green light to open VPA’s doors we want to be prepared. We have plans in place on how to continue to run lessons and certain programs with safety at the forefront of our process. Here is our promise to you and your children, we ask that you follow our new procedures to ensure safety and cleanliness.



1. No more than 20 players and 2 coaches in facility.
2. Participants only allowed in gym, parents must drop off and are not allowed in the gym.
3. Participants to be dressed upon arrival, no changing clothes/shoes in gym. No backpacks allowed in the gym.
4.Bring your own water bottle, water fountain is not available and there will be no sharing of bottles.
5. Players must sanitize hands (wash or hand sanitizer) prior to start of lesson.
6. Social distancing will be maintained as much as possible.
7. Screening questions will be asked upon arrival. If there is any illness present or any question answered yes the player will be unable to participate.
8. Any players who recently traveled to NYC unable to participate for 14 days.
9. Players will not be asked to wear masks during activity. It is parent and player decision to wear if desired.
10. Hand sanitizer available and will be used often.
11. Balls will be used for a single session then properly sanitized prior to next use.
12.Parents are welcome to wait in parking lot however are not allowed to congregate at door to watch. No parking in front of door.
13.Doors will be locked at all times and coach will indicate when participant may enter facility.
14. VPA waiver must be presented signed at the beginning of first event or player will be unable to participate until signed by parent.

The love of the game never quits, neither should you!