VPA Youth

VPA is for the NEW[ballers]

VPA has many levels of volleyball for all your kids skill levels and needs. We provide introductory instruction to kids as young as five years old. Through our youth program, the NEW[ballers] we teach fundamentals while promoting fun, we explain the why while building confidence. All we ask is that our kids come in with an open mind, a positive attitude and great energy.
During our NEW[baller] programs we encourage proper form and technique in a friendly and positive environment. VPA coaches strive to pass our sport and our passion to the next generation as we also understand how to balance a childs’ capability to learn and perform as well as their need to have fun and succeed.
Our fall clinic series are posted on the NEW[b] page, take a look and register now!

A Growing Passion

Every time we set foot in the volleyball gym we want to inspire and share our passion with the next generation. By teaching the fundamentals and early skills we are preparing these children to take the next step with a strong and balanced background. They will feel confident knowing proper form and function as well as the why behind the movements they are making. Every day is a day to grow and that is what we hope to give our kids, a place and comfort to succeed.

It’s more than a gym, it’s the beginning of a passion.